Simpson Associates got its start in the summer of 1984, in the Greater Toronto Area, as a small consulting firm specializing in retained executive search. The primary client focus was small to medium-sized, privately held companies that encompassed a diverse industry group.

It was rather obvious, even three decades ago, that client companies were working hard to improve their businesses. And if it was good enough for our clients to be diligently working on development and improvement, it was equally good enough for us. To that end, we introduced an advanced and sophisticated assessment capability to the search practice. It was a demonstrable way to move the practice forward. And they responded with a resounding endorsement.

After more than twenty years in the Toronto Region, a decision was made to move the company to Vancouver. While the intervening geography was, obviously rather vast, the move was a relatively easy transition. It had always been the intent to have the firm remain small and agile — frankly, providing very exclusive, custom and cutting-edge services to a first-rate group of clients dictated such — so the move incurred very little disruption. It was a good decision. For the last twelve years, our firm has continued to thrive and has made on-going additions to our exceptional group of clients.

As a consulting group that has continued on its thirty plus years of evolution, we recently had the opportunity to purchase Enhanced Performance Systems, formerly a California-based company that specializes in publishing psychological tests — in fact, the very ones we use at Simpson Associates. This was an important acquisition for the firm — one that will allow continued development and increased utility of the state-of-the-art psychological tools that have become a hallmark of our practice.



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