Message from the Principal

I took some time to consider what I wanted to say in this message. After all, a lot of ground has been covered since our doors opened 35 years ago. I wanted to think and reflect on the experiences, events and people that have stood out over the last three-plus decades.

Reflecting on the people and clients that have been so central to this organization, innumerable CEOs, Board members and other C-suite executives have enriched both myself and Simpson Associates throughout the years, generously sharing their insights and contributing to our company in so many ways. And it is and has been a true privilege to be able to call them the very best clients one could hope for. For those reading this, I am sure you know who you are. And to one and all, I extend a warm and heartfelt Thank You!

Turning to Simpson Associates itself, I would like to especially thank all of the team members of our organization. They have been absolutely pivotal to the success of this company. I am most grateful to have had the opportunity to work with a dedicated group of individuals who have treated this organization like they owned it.

On the “events” side of the equation, we recently acquired the assets of Enhanced Performance Systems, the publisher of a number of very high quality psychological assessment tools that we use in the practice. I say rare because the business had previously been in the hands of the original owner, Dr. R. Nideffer, for almost 40 years. And while I am given to understand that Dr. Nideffer had fielded any number of expressions of interest in purchasing his business, we are fortunate and pleased that he elected to give our group the nod. Thank you Bob! It is an honour to carry forward with Dr. Nideffer’s legacy.

More than three decades! It seems, in some ways, like it was yesterday when this adventure started. And the “last chapter” is nowhere close to being written! As we go forward, Simpson Associates is continuing to grow — new team members, new challenges. Exciting times, for sure. Welcome to the next thirty plus years!

David Simpson
September 2018



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