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TAIS Performance Systems Inc. (TPSI) is the sole, world-wide publisher of a collection of select, proprietary psychometric instruments, one of which includes The Attentional and Interpersonal Style inventory (TAIS).

TPSI was incorporated four years ago (2015) in order to acquire the assets of Enhanced Performance Systems (EPS), the original owner and developer of TAIS - and the related suite of psychological instruments. EPS was founded by Dr. R. M. Nideffer Ph.D., a world-renowned psychologist who developed TAIS four decades ago and continues to play a pivotal role as TPSI’s Board Chair.

TAIS is one of the most effective psychometric tools of its kind in the world. It is used by elite-level practitioners and organizations around the world where identifying and coaching high-performance individuals is pivotal to success. To that end, the instrument can be found in use at the highest levels of achievement in business, the military, and professional and elite-level amateur sports. On a broader scale, TAIS is also highly effective in virtually any setting where evaluating, predicting and coaching human performance, of any kind and at any level, is critical or beneficial or both.

TPSI is dedicated to providing first-class, performance predictive, psychological instruments to practitioners and organizations around the world who demand and expect the very best. To find out more, please contact us!

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